Superyacht Bleu de Nîmes has 21 full-time crew members

A highly professional crew will take care of their guests' every wish. With a rare
crew-to-guest ratio of nearly 2:1, guests on board of Bleu de Nîmes will never be left wanting at any time. This, together with a craving for perfection and a great eye for detail, will ensure the most luxurious and comfortable charter possible.

Having cruised in most parts of the world, the crew knows exactly where to go for finding tranquility, beauty and uniqueness wherever they are. For very specific knowledge and exploration of remote areas, local or specialised experts can guide the guests and make a charter day into a discovery of the unknown. At Bleu de Nîmes the crew make it happen!
  the professional crew of megayacht Bleu de Nimes

Captain Bleu de Nimes CAPTAIN
Masha Poma
Italian citizen. Aged 36

Captain Masha has the spirit of sea in her blood as she grew up an islander on the famous island of Sardinia in Italy. She has spent twenty years at sea, travelling extensively throughout the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Maldives, Seychelles, Madagascar and the Andaman Sea between Burma and Thailand.
1st officer of Bleu de Nimes 1ST OFFICER
Oguz Aybek
Turkish citizen. Aged 31

Oguz is from Izmir and started his career in the Naval service.  He was privileged to be appointed as pilot to the Admiral’s boat. On-board  M/Y “Bleu de Nîmes”, he is responsible for the fleet of tenders and other watersports equipment. Previously, he was involved in the carpentry industry and is familiar with construction and maintenance, inlcuding varnishing, painting and carpentry jobs.  He is also a scuba diver and loves fishing.
chief engineer of Bleu de Nimes CHIEF ENGINEER
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second engineer of Bleu de Nimes SECOND ENGINEER
Emanuele  Manca
Italian citizen. Aged 58

Emanuele is a delightful and precise person.  Although his job on board M/Y Bleu de Nîmes is his first naval experience, he immediately reached a clear understanding of all technical systems on board. He comes from a merchant shipping background. On board he is also involved in the electrical and electronic systems.
electrician at Bleu de Nimes ELECTRICIAN
Engin Kaya
Turkish citizen. Aged 32

Engin is an excellent electrician and is already working on Bleu de Nîmes since they start the refit. He was the person in charge to control the complete electrical refit. Engin has been working on board since seven years, and of course in this time he has become an important piece in Bleu de Nimes’s puzzle. On top of that he has a bright personality, good humour and is very polite and helpful.
chief chef of Bleu de Nimes CHIEF CHEF
Marco Amorini

Italian citizen. Aged 38

International Cuisine Chef. Prior to his career in yachts and marketing, Marco worked for the most prestigious luxury hotel and restaurants in Europe. He has been employed by the owner of M/Y Bleu de Nîmes for seven years and has been part of the crew on board since 2005.  We are indeed proud to have him on board, and he is able to combine his passion for cooking, love of the sea and travelling.
second chef of Bleu de Nimes SECOND CHEF
Gabriele Spinoza

Italian citizen. Aged 26

Sous-chef and seafood expert. Gabriele graduated as a Chef and comes from Liguria, renowned for its outstanding sea food. He is an excellent cook and does everything with flair and complete dedication. He has been working aboard M/Y Bleu de Nîmes since November 2007. Gabriele and Marco are an excellent team, complementing each other perfectly.
chief steward of Bleu de Nimes CHIEF STEWARD
Massimo Corsentino

Italian citizen. Aged 40

Massimo has been working in the hospitality sector since the age of seventeen. He is an Italian “gentleman”, extremely careful regarding the guests’ wishes and takes great care to comply with their requests. He happily spoils the guests, much to their delight!  Massimo is capable and able with all kinds of services and a very charming barman into the bargain. On-board the yacht Massimo is able to satisfy his own thirst for travel, combined with his passion for his prestigious work, in which he takes great pride.
stewardesses Bleu de Nimes   STEWARDESSES
Indonesian citizens.  Aged under 30.

There are six Indonesian stewardesses on board.  They have all completed hotel management and service courses.  The “peculiarity” and delight of this group is the typical kindness and sweetness of the South East Asian women. The girls have different duties on board: three take care of the service charge, two take care of the rooms and one works in the laundry.
sailors Bleu de Nimes   SAILORS
Turkish citizens.  Aged under 30.

In total we have six sailors on-board, and they all come from seafaring populations.  Sailing is natural to them. The sailors have been working on M/Y “Bleu de Nîmes” since 2007 and prior to that most of them were employed running day trips on boats in Kusadasi in Turkey.  They put huge enthusiasm into their work and always do their utmost to make the guests comfortable.
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