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No need to skip your fitness routines on board of superyacht Bleu de Nîmes. An air-conditioned well-equipped gym room is at your service at all hours of the day. Equipped with high standard fitness machines and apparel, this is an excellent place for your daily workout.

wellness on Bleu de Nimes: fitness

Gym facilities include:
• treadmill for aerobic cardiovascular workout
• recline exercise bike for aerobic cardiovascular training
• stair climber or stepper for toning legs and gluteus muscles and for cardiovascular work
• multifunctional strength-trainer training all the muscle groups in more than 20 exercises
• bench with weightlifting bar
• adjustable barbells
• exercise mat and large fitness ball

Fitness program with personal trainer (option)
Of course you can bring your own personal trainer aboard Bleu de Nîmes. Alternatively we can organise one for you being at your service for the duration of your voyage. The PT can set up a training program together with you that is tailor-made to your wishes and capabilities.

Massage (option)

A massage therapist is on board for your daily relaxing or therapeutic massage. Depending on your requirements we arrange for any style massage, be it traditional Thai massage, deep tissue sports massage, Swedish oil massage, relaxing head massage, reflexology or Ayurvedic massage. Take in the soothing and revigorating effects of a massage while listening to the murmur of the sea, how good can it get?

wellness on superyacht Bleu de Nimes: massage

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Yoga (option)

Whether you enjoy yoga, pilates, tai chi or another discipline, being on Blue de Nîmes gives you a great opportunity to keep up with or deepen your practice. The restorative and calming effects of taking a “time out on board” are beautifully enhanced by these restorative practices. Ample deck space and stability ensures that you have a choice of practicing on board, or on that lovely white sand beach at the end of the little private bay where you happen to be anchored.

wellness on megayacht Bleu de Nimes: yoga

• personal yoga/pilates/tai chi teacher for individual or small group practice and teaching
• multiple day dedicated yoga retreat on board

luxury charter on megayacht - snorkelling

Meditation (option)

Spending time on board at sea means being away from your daily work and worries. The calming effect of being at sea, taking in the pure air and the awe of being in special locations and quiet stunning anchorages puts you in a different state of mind. An excellent time and environment for practicing or learning meditation.

wellness on luxury charter: meditation

• personal mediation teacher for individual or small group practice and teaching
• multiple day dedicated meditation retreat on board

luxury charter on megayacht - snorkelling

Purity (option)

Beauty treatments and special nutrition or dietary programs can be catered for on board of Bleu de Nîmes, either as single treatments or as part of a multiple day program. Detox on board and spend maximum time taking in your environment. Purity programs can be well combined with meditation, soft yoga practice and free diving or snorkelling.

Re-energize and relax on board

Continue your health & wellness routines while you cruise on Bleu the Nîmes or start a new program while you are away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Megayacht Bleu de Nîmes is the perfect environment for practicing and enjoying a focus on a healthy life in all tranquility.

• lots of private space on large decks
• a comfortable and sturdy yacht with   great stability
• equipped with a gym for main fitness
  routines (cardio and weightlifting)
• silent operation
• comfortable guest accommodation

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Comfortable and stable exploration yacht

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Special programs & retreats

Because of its size and facilities a super yacht like Blue de Nîmes is well suited for hosting special retreats on board. Be it a yoga or meditation retreat or a special dietary or detoxification program.

In close cooperation with the charter agent / broker, the Bleu de Nîmes team will organise and cater for any special requirement and ensure a smooth operation of the retreat. This includes assistance with local investigation for itineraries, transport, locations and dietary requirements, of course taking into account the local possibilities and circumstances.

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