Watersports on board of superyacht Bleu de Nîmes

Scuba Diving

Exploring the underwater world has since long been a favourite activity on yachts. Stunning corals, breath taking drop-offs, large schools of colourful fish, big predators hunting their prey, they all have captivated many scuba divers around the world. Fail safe scuba dive equipment, the use of enriched air and dive computers have made this voyage into the unknown a pass time for almost everybody. On megayacht Bleu de Nîmes all scuba dive facilities are present to allow her guests enjoying the wonders of the most stunning reefs in the world. A 12 meter tender, specifically set up for scuba diving, will bring the guests to just the right spot for an unforgettable adventure. And if anyone is up to covering a larger underwater area, an underwater scooter will help to go places otherwise difficult to reach.

scuba diving on megayacht Bleu de Nimes

Scuba diving facilities on board
• 10 full sets of diving gear: double tanks with manifold, all sizes Mares BCDs, regulators,   weights, fins, masks and a variety of wetsuits
• professional filling station with 12 m3/hour dive compressor for regular and enriched air   (Nitrox)
• special 12-person long range dive tender, or 2 fast speed large Solemar RIB tenders
• diving with a certified dive master
• underwater scooter

Learn scuba diving (option)
Take the opportunity while on board superyacht Bleu de Nîmes and learn scuba diving from a professional dive instructor. Beginners courses, advanced, diving with enriched air (Nitrox), wreck diving or specialised underwater photography and video courses.

Underwater marine life exploration (option)
Dive with renowned experts and marine biologists from the diving world. Learn about new marine species, behaviours, habitats and marine conservation. Discover the wondrous underwater world under the guidance and enthusiasm of diving authorities in locations accessible only to a few.

Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing is one of those activities that will raise the adrenaline levels in your body the moment you feel the line tighten. What's on the other end... a big marlin, large tuna or even a wahoo? Strapped safely in a comfortable fighting chair on board of the long range specially designed 12 meter tender with powerful engines, it's going to be an exciting challenge to bring it in, whatever it is.

big game fishing on superyacht Bleu de Nimes

Game fishing facilities:
• comfortable long range 12 person fishing tender dedicated to fishing and equipped with   fighting chair and the latest game fishing facilities
• 6 sets of big game fishing high end Penn Senator 130 LB reel fishing rods
• 8 sets of fishing rods for light trawling and spinning
• all variety of big game fishing lures and rapalas
• jet tender for shallow reef fishing
• serious selection of spear fishing equipment

watertoys on mega charter yacht Bleu de Nimes waterski on superyacht Bleu de Nimes luxury charter wakeboarding

Jet skis, Water skis, Wakeboard

Being on a yacht, water fun is definitely one of the things that many people perceive as an important part of their daily activities. With five jet skis on board together with water skis and wakeboards, Bleu de Nimes offers ample opportunity for guests to have various types of pleasure on the water. With 4 Yamaha Wave Runners 1200R and 1 Super Jet Yamaha  700B-A no one will be left wanting. Quickly exploring a palm fringed deserted beach is as easy as jumping on your jet ski and taking off for an exhilarating ride.

jet ski and water ski on board of megayacht Bleu de Nimes

Water skiing or wake boarding behind one of the fast and powerful 9 meter high speed tenders with each 2 x 240 HP engines on board will give everybody an excellent opportunity to practice their technique or to get primed to these exciting forms of water activity. Due to the powerful engines the time lapse for the guest from 'in' to 'on' the water is minimised bringing less strain and additional pleasure.

luxury charter on megayacht - snorkelling superyacht Bleu de Nimes - free diving

Snorkelling and Free Diving

Tranquility and being one with your environment is probably the quintessence of snorkelling. Just float on top and admire the stunning reefs and colourfull fish from above. You effortlessly drift around and after taking a deep breath you dive under to explore that particularly beautiful fan coral from close up.

free diving on luxury charter

Learn free diving (optional)
Beauty, sensation and personal challenge. Have you ever dreamed of diving in the blue and swimming along with the fish in a totally relaxed state of mind? No technical stuff, just you and the sea where you can move around freely and become one with the ocean.

Discover a new dimension and learn free diving from a professional free-diving instructor. Learn proper breathing techniques and feel completely at ease and safe in and under the water. It is amazing how easily you can progress and what incredible relaxation you will be able to experience.

Lots of choice & toys

Bleu de Nîmes is exceptionally well equipped with all the watersports toys
and special gear you can dream of:

• long range cruising tender specifically   set-up for big game fishing
• long range cruising scuba diving tender
• 2 high speed long range 12-person   tenders for scuba diving or day trips
• short range jet tender for shallow water   navigation and fishing
• 5 jet skis
• high-end big game fishing gear
• 10 sets of scuba diving gear (nitrox)
• underwater scooter
• water skis and mono skis
• snorkelling equipment

learn scuba diving on luxury charter Bleu de Nimes

line on luxury charter

Diving with enriched air (Nitrox)

Enriched air (an air mixture with a higher-than-normal percentage of oxygen) is becoming more and more popular in the diving world. Bleu de Nîmes offers Nitrox diving to her guests and optional Nitrox courses (on request) for those who wish to learn diving with Nitrox.

The main benefits of Nitrox are:
• generally safer diving when diving to   the planned depths
• makes you feel less tired with multiple   dives over several days
• maximizes your underwater time
• gets you back into the water sooner

nitrox scuba diving and PADI instruction on Bleu de Nimes

learn scuba diving on Bleu de Nimes
Learn scuba diving

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