Exploration Journeys on board of Bleu de Nîmes

Travelling by sea on a private luxury charter gives you the unique opportunity to visit places otherwise almost or completely inaccessible. Imagine having this pristine bay with its white sugary beaches and unspoiled marine life all to yourself, away from the masses. Or imagine having access to this remote friendly tribe living in a village like they have done for the past centuries, untouched by our way of life and willing to share their cultural heritage with you.
Superyacht Bleu de Nîmes is the perfect luxury exploration vessel with her extensive range of facilities and her fleet of cruising tenders to do exactly that: explore areas where nobody else can go. Local expertise can be called in to enhance the unique experience even more with extensive background information and safe passages to these remote places.

The Pacific: a remote and exotic destination to explore

Bleu de Nîmes' location in the Pacific ensures access to the most exotic and remote areas in the world that are reachable to only a few. The vast Pacific is often called the last untouched ocean of the world, covering almost one third of all water of the earth and dotted with thousands of inhabited and uninhabited islands, atolls and reefs. Already as early as 3000 BC people started to inhabit some of these Polynesian islands and quite a few have kept their ancient tribal traditions and culture into today's era, resulting in colourful and mesmerizing experiences. Landscape, people, seascape, it all comes together in a unique and exotic environment only few people have access to.

atmosphere of the South Pacific

Go anywhere, anytime

Bleu de Nîmes' fleet of long range tenders ensures that guests can comfortably embark on private exploration journeys away from the big yacht. There are 4 day tenders: 2 cruising tenders with dock-house and 2 high-speed tenders. The tenders take up to 12 persons and have a long range for serious exploration ventures.

exploring the untouched beauty of the Pacific

Some exploration suggestions:

•  beach combing and exploration of deserted islands
•  whale watching expedition
•  marine life expeditions and research
•  discover local tribal cultures and cultural events
•  rainforest exploration
•  bird watching expeditions with ornothologists
•  in-land expeditions & nature trekkings
•  video or photography clinics
•  night safaris




Unmatched marine life

The Pacific is home to a panoply of marine life, including over 120 coral species and more than 500 types of fish - some found nowhere else. From the tiny nudibranch to the large pelagics: it is all present in abundance.

nudi branch

For instance in Kiribati you'll find a marine reserve that spans some 73,800 square miles (184,700 square km) - a stretch of ocean twice the size of Portugal - and that includes eight virtually uninhabited coral atolls.

tail of a huge whale


People of the Pacific

The Polynesians not only were great navigators they also were artists and artisans of great skill. Even simple objects, such as fish hooks would be manufactured to exacting standards for different catches and intricate decoration.

dancing in the Pacific

In some areas weaving was a strong part of the culture and gifting woven articles an ingrained practice. Stone and wooden weapons were considered to be more powerful the better they were made and decorated. Settlements are imbued with character by the skill of their building. Body decoration and jewelry is of international standard to this day.
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