Schedule Winter 2011 - 2012: Indian Ocean

After a summer season in the Mediterranean Bleu de Nîmes has initially set sail for the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

Flexible schedule
Flexibility is the key word for this yachts' movements! Bleu de Nîmes does not have an itinerary that is set in stone. The yacht can be relocated to your charter destination of interest, depending on availability and other charter bookings. Relocations within a range of 1000 nautical miles are possible.

December 2011- April 2012 >> The Indian Ocean

After the end of the summer season in Europe, Bleu de Nîmes is located in the Indian Ocean. She visits many exotic and interesting locations offering a huge variety on culture, flora and fauna. Each one of these countries can be consisdered a dream destination in itself.

• The Seychelles
• The Maldives
• The Andaman Islands (India)
• Thailand (Andaman Sea)
• Myanmar (Burma)
• Indonesia

South Pacific with luxury charter Bleu de Nimes

chartering in the South Pacific May - October 2012 >> The Mediterranean

Bleu de Nîmes will be in the Mediterranean. Culture, sophistication, entertainment, solitude, great beaches ... it's all in the palm of your hand. In the morning shopping at a local market and finding that special bracelet while in the afternoon you enjoy the sun in a deserted bay surrounded by stunning nature.

•  Italy
•  Greece
•  Croatia
•  Turkey
•  France
•  Spain

North Pacific with megayacht Bleu de Nimes

Destinations map

Custom Itineraries

Whether you like relaxing, snorkelling, beach combing, scuba diving, whale watching, experiencing local tribal cultures, game fishing, bird watching, exploring the rainforest or other nature trekking expeditions… The Bleu de Nîmes team prepares a custom itinerary to your liking to your destination of interest.

Cruising in the Indian Ocean

Thousands of miles span the Indian Ocean. Crossing it on board of a super yacht gives you a perfect impression of its vastness and the endless rhapsody in blue of the sea. A very constant (high) temperature of the water lets you enjoy both day and night clad in light and airy clothing

An exotic and intriguing cruising destination of striking contrasts with soaring limestone peaks and low lying atolls, azure lagunas,  dazzling beaches, vibrant cultures and a pristine underwater life. Dedicated custom itineraries on your private charter take you to exclusive locations not easy accessible by others.

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