Extra Service (optional)

If time permits it can be arranged that Chef Marco Amorini visits the guests before the charter takes place. Discussing their preferences and doing some attunement cooking will reveal their taste and special requirements before they come to the yacht. This will result in perfect tailor-made cuisine during their voyage. It will also establish what specific catering is needed and to plan the logistics (depending on where the superyacht is located, some special requirements might have to be flown-in from various sources).

dining deck of Bleu de Nimes

Special requests

To prepare optimally for the catering and special ingredients guests will be asked if there are special requests for their culinary adventure aboard Bleu de Nimes like:
•  theme parties (e.g. a "Chinese evening")
•  special functions
•  celebrations (e.g. anniversaries)
•  special retreats or wellbeing programs
•  specific nutritional requests

Haute cuisine at superyacht Bleu de Nîmes

chef de cuisine at superyacht Bleu de Nimes The gourmet taste of Chef Marco Amorini
Italian chef Marco Amorini has always had a passion for food and already early on in his life he sought a career in haute cuisine. After his initial Chef's training in Italy he cooked in many prestigious hotels and restaurants throughout Europe. In France he closely worked together with French patisserie master Frederic Bours.
His extensive experience ranges from (of course) Italian, French and Japanese cuisine and while travelling the world he became proficient in Asian and fusion cuisine as well. Vegetarian dishes hold no secrets for him having also cooked in one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in Milano.
Seafood expert sous-chef Gabriele Spinoza
Being practically born at sea it is no surprise that sous-chef Gabriele Spinoza is a master at preparing seafood. His hometown in Liguria in Italy is world famous for its outstanding seafood cuisine. Already as a kid Gabriele learned the local secrets of preparing seafood dishes in the kitchen of his grandmother to be only further enhanced during his education as a Chef. Since then Gabriele has worked in various high-class restaurants before joining Bleu de Nîmes as a superyacht chef.
  chef de cuisine at superyacht Bleu de Nimes

exquisite and tastefull cuisine on Bleu de Nimes
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