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This summer season Bleu de Nîmes resided in the Mediterranean after completing a circumnavigation. With over 80.000 nautical miles under her keel this journey took her to all the major oceans of the world. After spending quite some time in the Indian Ocean she set sail to Australia and Papua New Guinea, after which she headed further into the South Pacific. From there to the Panama canal, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean and finally Mediterranean. A long and safe journey came to an end.

snorkelling on expedition with superyacht

December 2011 - April 2012
Bleu de Nîmes is heading for the Seychelles after which she'll set course for the Maldives, Andaman Islands, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Indonesia.

Summer 2012
Bleu de Nîmes will be back in the Mediterranean and will visit Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, France and Spain.

Flexibility is the key word for this yacht's movements! Bleu de Nîmes does not have an itinerary that is set in stone. Guests interested in chartering this superb vessel can request a sample itinerary based upon their wishes.

Private charter M/Y Bleu de Nîmes

Luxury superyacht with supreme personality

A voyage with Bleu de Nîmes is undoubtedly one of the world's ultimate rewards for
those recognizing excellence and highest personal service levels. Lavishly furnished
with Chinese antiques and with the most comprehensive and contemporary equipment,
Bleu de Nîmes provides guests with every possible luxury you have come to expect on a megayacht of this class.

Simultaneously the yacht has the lines and character of a luxury exploration vessel: sturdy, safe, extremely stable and able to handle all seas with ease. This combination of character and sophistication gives the yacht a unique and unrivaled personality. Capable of a 'Round the world' cruise, the yacht is engineered to the highest safety and quality standards
(Lloyd's A1 class) and fitted with the latest technical equipment.

superyacht Bleu de Nimes luxury charter

Extremely comfortable and sophisticated

A maximum of 12 guests are pampered by a highly professional and forthcoming crew of 21, making Bleu de Nîmes a private charter yacht with one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the market. Two highly acclaimed chefs take care of your every culinary wish and the purser with his staff of six professionally trained stewardesses will make sure that you never lack for anything at any time.


•  Authentic and warm atmosphere rarely found on super yachts
•  Safe and sturdy luxury vessel capable of any voyage or exploration
•  Extremely comfortable, stable and silent
•  Spacious living areas (total 950 : 550 interior, 400 exterior)
•  Master cabin and 8 guest cabins
•  Ultimate service level with 21 permanent crew on max. 12 guests
•  Two chefs for international haute cuisine
•  Seriously well equipped with several fishing and diving tenders and 5 jet skis
•  Professional level of diving (incl. Nitrox) and game fishing equipment
•  On-board gym with all facilities
•  Suitable for special retreats, private explorations and tailor made programs
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